from the seaside of australia, BUTTONS brings classy feminine fashion and international women together.

with only ever 15 dresses made per style and shipping worldwide, we're known as the international fashion 'sorority', and in our sorority, you wear BUTTONS to show you got in.  

BUTTONS girl outshines the competition without even trying. she wears colour and looks like the true essence of beauty.

BUTTONS girl is full of surprises and isn’t shy when expressing her individual style, how she feels and what she wants to do. her way of life is influential, she is one of those girls who are known for always smelling good and treating people kindly. she has the natural ability to create her own style that others always want.

 our online store is the gateway for girls at every corner of the globe to live the BUTTONS lifestyle through our exclusive fashion label.

every BUTTONS dress has exquisite delicate details and is made from soft, colourful, luxurious fabrics. timeless cuts and finishes bring colour, texture and our classy lifestyle to wardrobes all around the world.  



we’re a way of life!    




 Sarah Claire

that's me at the ritz carlton in hong kong


hi! i'm Sarah and i created the wonderful world of BUTTONS. 

what you get when you own a BUTTONS dress is much, much more than a gorgeous garment that adds colour and class to your wardrobe. we go one better! You officially join the most exclusive international fashion sorority where to show you got in, you wear BUTTONS. 

you may ask what makes our label exclusive? well i'll tell you, it's no secret! we only ever make 15 BUTTONS dresses per style. EVER! so the girls that get the chance to wear BUTTONS will always be wearing a dress that only 14 other women in the world have.

we are absolutely dedicated to keeping things exclusive, if you know what I mean? no copies or mass produced dresses here!

if you love a BUTTONS dress or love them all - buy them! own them! you'll be 1 of only 15 girls in the entire world to ever have that dress. now that's special isn't it!