design and shape your lifestyle to be the way you want it to be. 
in this technological fast paced world we live in are you feeling like you have less and less time? less and less time to do the things you truly want to do and finding that more and more of your time is being taken up with the details that, if only you knew how to do it, would be done faster and free you up with the time to enjoy the eventual outcome. taking it to the next level imagine if you had the option to not even spend your precious time on the details but have it all done for you - only ever having to conceptualise or identify a want or a need and having all of the ‘in between stuff’ sorted for you with the outcome/result presented to you in complete package with a bow on it.
think about. are you the type of person that has the time to do it yourself and take on the added stress? or are you the person that knows quite well that money is time, time is money and any less stress within your day is a good thing? 
finding this stressless way to make your money work for you in order for you to gain more time to do and build those lifestyle things that you want.
get in contact with me today, complete my consulting enquiry form and seek the help you need. whether it be start up business, wedding or events, travel or luxury or a tailored/niche category, my team and i are ready to help get you what you need.



lifestyle topics catered for clients include but are not necessarily limited to:


tailored/niche categories: personal requirements, sourcing luxury goods, decor sourcing, meet and greets, network development and building, international and domestic relocation.

travel: flights, accommodation, transfers, bookings, reservations, tours and activity, government requirements, itineraries and navigation.

wedding and events: wedding planning, bridal bookings, venue sourcing, event set up, decoration and themeing, conference structuring, birthday and special celebrations, food, beverage and catering, government requirements, entertainment.

start up business: product, manufacturing, import/export, negotiation, wholesale, consignment, branding, advertising, marketing, PR, press and publishing, website, social media, collaboration.