what is the process of services?

you must complete and submit your enquiry form, listing what you require.

within 24 hours you will receive a quote detailing the services you require, the timeframe and the cost.

after agreement you will be issued an engagement agreement and invoice. to proceed with services you will be required to make deposit payment.

once deposit is received, services will commence and be completed in the timeframe agreed. 

upon delivery of services you will be issued with a final invoice and be required to make payment within five (5) business days.


where are your services available?

services are available internationally via the internet. should you require in person consulting please note this in your enquiry.





what do i get?

upon purchase you will have access to the online category consulting kit. 


what is included in consulting kits?

detailed information and direction to help and guide you in the category you have purchased. 


how long is the purchase valid for?

your purchase of the category consulting kit grants lifelong validation and access. you can use your kit as often as you like. 


what is the process of gaining access to my kit?

you will make purchase of your kit/s

as soon as you make your purchase you will receive your order confirmation. 

we need to create your personalised login to your kit/s and will notify you when you can register your kit account within a 12 hour period from time of purchase.

you MUST activate your account to allow you to access your kit/s.

kit login is directly accessible from the by Sarah Claire kit members only login.


will there be new content added to my kit?

yes, there will be new content added over time. you will be notified of the new additions.


can i share this content with someone else, publicly or online?

your purchase of any consulting kit means you have agreed to the by Sarah Claire terms and conditions. strictly under no circumstance are you allowed to share, copy, distribute or provide access to your login to anyone other than yourself. if you breach the terms and conditions of purchase, by Sarah Claire has the right to terminate your account and block any IP address that used your login.


can i ask questions while viewing my kit?

our kit customers have exclusive access to our online chat services. you can find this in the bottom right hand corner of your screen and can submit a question at any time. 


can you complete tasks for me in my kit?

no, you will be required to use our consulting services in order to have tasks completed for you.




find out more about purchase currencies




read the terms and conditions