originally from australia, now a global citizen and currently in hong kong. which is one of the most vibrant, culturally diverse and wealthiest cities in the world. i am consumed by and live a lifestyle that has shaped me into who i am today.

in a world where having ‘the newest and best things and experiences right now’ is the norm. dripping in class, designer brands, beauty and continual life defining experiences. i feel i have found my place.

what has led me to lifestyle consulting and design?

i am who i wanted to be and needed in my life when i was younger.


like most at a young age i needed guidance, help and direction. to have had a me when i was younger, i would be where i am now at a much younger age. time would have been on my side and my personal growth within this world would have evolved faster and to greater reaches.

experiences, making mistakes and learning along the way is what has got me to where i am today. with formal education in event management and those real life experiences and knowledge - know, i am here for you.

"i help people to progress and get what they want in life"

through my natural ability to help you personally or if you are a do it yourself'er you will gain my knowledge and guidance by using my personal consulting services or consulting kits. 






the BUTTONS fashion label